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Planning your yearly fundraising

Curated by Florence Déry, Charity Outreach Coordinator @ Simplyk.

Mapping out your online fundraising calendar is an important part of your planning process. It makes planning your yearly fundraising clear and actionable. You are able to look at the big picture, answer some important questions and put those answers into action. Here are a few you should be asking: What worked well last year? Who are our donors and what are they looking for? How many campaigns do we want to run?

Depending on the type of organization, certains campaigns will be better suited for you. For example, if you are an international organization with donors all over the world, you may choose to go virtual or host an interactive campaign instead of a local gala. Creating campaigns that align with your donors, your community and your beneficiaries is important. This doesn’t mean that every event needs to cater to all your stakeholders at once. Having specific events for the different groups can often bring the most success, as it gives a more personalized experience.

Don’t forget to leverage holidays and themes! Your followers want to connect with your organization, so when you sell goodies for their favourite holiday or host an event based on their favourite movie, they are sure to get onboard.

At Simplyk, we are inspired everyday by the amazing campaigns run by the organizations we work with. Here is a year’s worth of campaigns based on holidays and seasons to help you create your very own annual fundraising plan.

Get started today! You can create campaigns or events similar to these by creating your Simplyk account. Once you’ve got it set up, check out how you can attract donors and supporters. Have a question about these campaigns or an idea for your own? Write to us at .

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