COVID-19 Fundraising

When and how should you start a post COVID-19 donation campaign?

Starting a fundraising campaign can be tricky in normal circumstances, let alone doing it during a pandemic. Here are ways you can launch a successful campaign right now.

Following the COVID-19 crisis, most organizations put a pause on their fundraising campaigns, and rightfully so. During those first weeks of crisis, all donations went to supporting front-line organizations that directly help those affected by the pandemic, such as:

Now what about the second line?

You may not be working directly with people affected by the coronavirus, but it will likely still have a significant impact on your organisation. Between cancelled fundraising events, suspended sponsorships, and services you can’t offer, you need support and your supporters understand this! Here are examples of second line organizations that have recently launched fundraising campaigns to survive the crisis:

  • Thesez-vous, an NPO that supports doctoral students and had to suspend its activities, launches its Quaran-thèse campaign.
  • The Art Souterrain festival suffered great losses as its festival ended in mid-March. They need donations to ensure their survival.

If your survival, or the continuity of your operations in the future, becomes an issue due to the crisis, you can now appeal to the generosity of your donors.

What’s good practice for a post COVID-19 campaign?

Once you’ve made the decision to look for support, consider these two tips to create a successful campaign:

  • Your donors are under financial pressure right now, and don’t want to give their money away without understanding why it’s needed. Explain in depth why you are making a donation campaign, and be specific about where the donations will go.
  • Remember to communicate that you know that some of your donors are in a difficult financial situation and will not be able to donate. Include this in the message of your donation campaign.
You can launch a donation campaign in 5 minutes on We don’t charge any fees, not even credit card fees! If you use another platform, we will still be happy to advise you. Contact us at

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