Charitable Lottery Regulations in Quebec

Quebec has its own criteria when it comes to hosting a legal lottery as a non profit organization. At Simplyk, we strive to make your work simpler, so we’ve broken down Quebec’s regulations for you and explained some of the trickier parts. If you are looking to raise money through a lottery, raffle 50/50 draw or other game, you will need to follow the regulations imposed by the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux Québec (RACJ). Here are the important elements to consider for charitable lottery regulations in Quebec.

*We try to keep this information up to date, but we recommend you consult the RACJ guidelines when you begin organizing your lottery. Find the list of regulations and requirements on their website.

Request a License

You should request a license if:

  • You are offering your game to the public to make money
  • The game allows for a gain for those participating, whether it is a prize, other types of games or free participation to more games

Lottery License Fees

License fees depend on the type of lottery. These fees cover the cost for the rights and study of your lottery. You must pay them to the RACJ when applying for the license.


  • Request your license a minimum 30 days before the beginning of ticket sales.
  • The license will be valid for a maximum of one year, and only operational for the time requested.
  • Additional documents are required after your license is issued, within 30 days to 12 months, depending on the document


Your organization is eligible for a license if the lottery is aimed at:

  • Responding to or decreasing poverty
  • Promoting education
  • Realizing any other action that promotes the collective through arts, culture, sports and community
  • Using the profits for charitable or religious use.

Important aspects for charitable lottery regulations in Quebec

  • Exclude any price for an event or dinner from the price of the ticket for the draw
  • Only the holder of the license can officially publicize the lottery. This means that advertising for the event needs to be done by the organization.
  • Physical copies of the tickets are required by the RACJ, meaning the lottery cannot be completely online. However, you can sell your tickets online. Sell them easily using our free ticketing service at Simplyk. Setting it up takes only a few minutes!
  • You can only sell your tickets to residents of Quebec. Keep this in mind if you have donors from multiple provinces. You can state on the tickets or within the rules that only Quebec residents are eligible.
  • You must apply for a different license for each game you host.
  • Half and half draws are not allowed to be held electronically. Tickets for this type of raffle must be sold and distributed offline.

Completing the forms required by the RACJ

Complete the forms provided by the RACJ to apply for a license. You will also need to attach documents with general information about your organization: your mission, patents, budget and financial status.

You will need to identify one person from your organization as the individual responsible for the lottery. They will be the point of contact between your organization and the RACJ. Give permission to this individual to represent your organization.

You will also need to establish exactly what project the proceeds of the lottery will be going towards. Provide a description of the project and its budget and then complete the project within the year that the license is valid.

A guarantee of distribution of the prizes is also required. The RACJ offers different options for proving this, such as making a deposit to them or an independent financial actor. The most simple solution for your organization may be to write a guarantee letter, an example of which is provided by the RACJ, in the Annexe B of their license request document.

You will also need to provide an example of a ticket for your lottery. Use this template to create your own:

ticket - charitable lottery regulations in quebec

What to submit after receiving your license

Once you have received your license, there are several documents you must submit about the outcome of the lottery. Find the list on page 6 of the license request document. Each have a different deadline for submission. 

One document that you’ll need that you might not expect is the original printing certificate for your tickets. Although you may be selling your tickets entirely online, you are still required to print the tickets through a printing company. You must submit the certificate along with one ticket, labelled 000, within 30 days of receiving the license.

At Simplyk, we can help you host a lottery for your charity using our free ticketing service and many other features. Feel free to send us any questions you may have at !

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